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The world is different. The world is 2.0

Web 2.0, Business 2.0, e-learning 2.0… Google time, FaceBook time or, Ashton Kutcher outmaneuvers CNN to 1 million on Twitter a few days ago, so who knows, maybe in a few years we will call this period a Twitter time. We will see… in future.

Now we can see that the world is way different than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

Kids are different. 20 years ago kids were watching TV, now they are making TV shows with thousands of YouTube fans, 20 years ago we were just consuming content like books, comics. Nowadays they create an enormous amount of text content in format of blogs, wikis, Twitter, FaceBook pages… and those old-fashioned e-mails. We were communicating with our friends in neighborhoods face-to-face or a few phone calls a day, and nowadays they communicate with their friends all around the globe; once a day - constantly… It is a different world. It is a 2.0 world. It is a world that facilitates communication, collaboration, information sharing (and protection) and interoperability on the World Wide Web. It is a world that harnesses the collective intelligence of our global community to build interactive applications and content that improve as more people use them. It is a world where strong, fast growing, highly productive and extremely interactive web based communities have evolved with applications such as Wikipedia, blogs, social-networking or video/picture-sharing sites.

The world is different. Right?

What about business? It seems that business is way different too: bank services have become personalized, users design their own cars, and companies are decentralized.
Help from India. A few months go I had a problem with my laptop. I called a helpdesk at 6 pm. However the suggestion I received did not work. So, after trying and trying, at 1 AM I was desperate and… what did I have to lose, let’s call a helpdesk, maybe they are open at 1 AM. And sure -they were. A nice female voice from India solved all my IT problems in a few minutes. Yes, business is different too.

Dion Hinchiffe made this nice illustration of 2.0 business transformation (click on the pic to get a bigger one).

Interesting; right?

How 2.0 is your company, your school or your government, and... can/should we improve it?